next day delivery


next day delivery

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NEXT DAY Delivery

If you order by 4:00 pm and your delivery address is within 50km of the city, you will automatically get next day to delivery*.


  • Delivery address 0-25km of the city centre $10 shipping cost
  • Delivery address 26-50km of the city centre $20 shipping cost
  • Delivery address 51km and beyond is calculated based on the delivery address

Please note that shipping costs apply to each store rather than across the whole byADL website.

*Next day delivery

Please note that while we will endeavour to ensure all orders placed by 4:00 pm within 50km of the city centre will be delivered the next day, it does depend on the individual store's circumstances as to whether this is always possible.

For example, if you place an order on a Monday and the physical store is closed on Monday and Tuesday, the order will be collected and delivered the next possible day which is Wednesday in this case. You may wish to contact the store via the contact details listed on the store page to confirm opening hours and that your package can be prepared and delivered the next day.

50km from city centre

Please note that the 50km next day delivery zone is based on Google & Apple maps with the shortest distance routing applied between the retailer and delivery point and not a 50km blanket radius.

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