"Get Over It" enamel pin by The Found (USA Chicago) 1
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    Bluey Boronia

    "Get Over It" enamel pin by The Found (USA Chicago)

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    Get Over It  So I used to tell my mom to "Get Over It" when I was a teenager and that gave me great satisfaction. Now some twenty years later, SHE tells me to "Get Over It" if I have a gripe about her. Lol. Turnaround is fair play, right? Pin is approximately 1" high x 1" wide Hard Enamel Enamel pins are collectible, fun, quirky & retro High Quality and great packaging to give as a gift. Copper metal with enamel paint The pins are attached to a backing piece and sleeved in a plastic bag for safe shipping. Outlined in gold metal and comes with a black rubber clutch. The Found catalogue ID PIN91
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    Bluey Boronia
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